At home karate work space


What you need:

Room to Stretch

This need is surprisingly easy to satisfy. All you need is enough space for a yoga mat that's your height. However, if you can ever stretch where you have plenty of space (garage, park, etc) you have more stretches available. Thus, it is encouraged that, when ever possible, you stretch somewhere safe where you have lots of room. 


Do you need a lot equipment to begin training in martial arts at home? No you do not. In fact it is possible to gain black belt level fitness and skill with purely body weight exercise. Though equipment is very useful so we'll highlight some strategic purchases:

With this equipment you get full body health fitness that is perfect for martial arts. We'll provide interesting training routines for each of these pieces that target all areas needed to get and keep black belt level skill (stay posted). 

(more coming soon..)


How Zodojo can help


Our online martial arts program will provide a video library of techniques and drills. Our AI system will analyze your current progress to assign the best drills and exercises for your progress.


The progress tracking we do is very fine grained so you can see every ounce of skill you gain. This makes training in martial arts extremely motivating and fun.


Becomming a black belt is not easy. We've got years of experience training beginners up to black belt. On top of all that, your black belt certificate will be signed and backed by real certified martial artists.


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