Earn a Black Belt online: 5 Steps

Perfect for Beginners & Athletes


Set the right expectations

Beginner Martial Artist

We all start learning martial arts with limited skills. You don't need to be an athlete or in shape to start training in taekwondo or any other combat sport. In fact, learning martial art styles like taekwondo and karate are perfect ways to get in shape.

Age doesn't matter

Some people think that they are too old or too out of shape to train in martial arts. This is not at all the case. You can start training in karate at 40. You can start training in taekwondo at 50. You can learn boxing at 60. AGE DOES NOT MATTER - it is your dedication matters.

How long does it take to get a black Belt?

Earning a black belt online takes dedication. Don't worry about the time it takes worry about your progress. Though, if you must have a number: it can take anywhere from a year to two years with dedicated training to earn a black belt. Be cautious of any program that offers "accelerated" black belt programs - these are bogus.

Am I ready to start martial arts?

Before starting, ask yourself these questions. If you can answer yes then you are ready to start:


Set Up Your Training Space

Where to train

Even in limited space it is possible to train in martial arts. All you need is enough space to lay down. Before you start practicing make sure you have a certain spot where you'll train. You can train in the yard, in your room or in your living room. Try to stay as consistent as possible because training martial arts takes reps and you need to feel comfortable where ever you train.

What equipment do I need?

For styles like taekwondo or karate you only need enough space to practice the techniques. Some training exercises require a wall or something like a piece of furniture to help you balance. Aside from this you need nothing else other than work out cloths. Some people will insist that you need some kind of pad or bag. There are plenty of ways to train without equipment. However, as your training progresses, investing in a bag is recommended.


For flexibility training, some drills and stretches will require to rest on the floor. If you have a hard floor or are working on cement we will provide "hard floor" alternatives. However, we do recommend purchasing a yoga mat for some of the stretches.




Training in Taekwondo or Karate is all about practice. If you want to develop your kicks you have to do many repetitions. To develop strength and flexibility you have stay consistent.

How often should I practice?

The best way to acquire skills in martial arts is to practice often. The more training time you get the better you'll be and the sooner you'll see results. It is recommended that you practice at least 3-5 times a week. This doesn't mean that you burn yourself out by doing 500 kicks a day. No, a little bit every day goes a long way - especially with flexibility and technique. At minimum stretch twice a day: In the morning and at night. There are many online flexibility resources.

How should I practice Taekwondo?

When you practice, perform multiple reps of each technique. This should take a minimum of 30-60 mins depending on where you're at in your journey. Like any physical exercise, martial arts requires a warm up of 10-15 minutes followed by a primary workout ending with a cool down. Design all your exercises around this framework.

Where do I get learning resources?

If you're up to the task you can read books and watch videos. If you feel confident in your ability to maintain focus and motivation there are many great free online learning materials. Just keep an eye out for scams and fake styles.


Be Patient & Don't overdo things

It takes time

Developing high kicks or powerful punches takes time. You have to stretch to get higher kicks you need to develop strength and speed to have more power in you techniques. The key to developing your martial arts moves is to train consistently over long periods of time.

Basics Come quick

As with any sport, when you start training in martial arts you'll find that the basics are easy to learn. You can even learn the basics of taekwondo in a very short period of time if you train diligently. However, there comes a point where your skill development slows. This is normal and should be thought of as the point that your real training begins.

It's okay if it's hard

Some taekwondo techniques and kicks are very hard. These moves take strength, balance, speed and coordination (sometimes a little guts). These can take years to perfect. What you need to focus on is how far you've come and don't give up

Rushing leads to Injury

If you become impatient with your training you might feel like you should just be able to "force yourself" to do something. For example, people will often try to kick higher than they can and end up falling flat on their back. Behavior like this can lead to serious injury and in the end slow down your progress. Go to your edge and absolutely no further.


Achieve your Goal

But how do I get a black belt certificate?

Here is the difficult part. Sadly, no one will honor your black belt if it isn't backed by an authoritative source. Also, how sure can you be that you have the skills? It is easy to think that we are better than we are. This is where certification comes in.

Earn a Black Belt Diploma

Some martial art schools and training programs may have an "entrance"/"evaluation" test where they will grant you a belt based upon your abilities. These are few and far between. Most of these will require you to learn some new terminology and may have slight variations in their technique. It might be difficult to find a school that is willing to give you a black belt diploma. Some internet searching might help you find one.

So Many Styles

You may run into the problem where one style is incompatible with others. This might lead to inconsistent learning. The trick is to stick with one style and achieve rank in that one first. Then branch to other styles.

How Zodojo can help


Our online martial arts program will provide a video library of techniques and drills. Our AI system will analyze your current progress to assign the best drills and exercises for your progress.


The progress tracking we do is very fine grained so you can see every ounce of skill you gain. This makes training in martial arts extremely motivating and fun.


Becomming a black belt is not easy. We've got years of experience training beginners up to black belt. On top of all that, your black belt certificate will be signed and backed by real certified martial artists.


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