Black Belt at Home


Black Belt at Home?


What does that actually mean?

First let's lay out the skills Zodojo aims to instill in others: Physical Fitness, Health, Flexibility, Speed & Confidence. These goals can all be accomplished by training in martial arts. In order to accomplish this we have put significant consideration into the order and progression of our online martial arts curriculum. That is, Zodojo seeks to allow others to gain black belt level skill even while training at home (or in the park or wherever it is that you have space to train). This is the tricky part - becoming a black belt takes dedication and focus that is more difficult to maintain at home.

Many Returns

The founder has had to re-acquire black belt level skill several times - thus Zodojo MA training curriculum is designed with a solid understanding of all training difficulties. You can trust that we know how to approach the art to make training in our TKD program engaging while still teaching you real martial arts. In fact, our intro program is based around the martial arts and fitness training regimen followed by the Zodojo creator during one of these "returns to the art."

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How Zodojo can help


Our online martial arts program will provide a video library of techniques and drills. Our AI system will analyze your current progress to assign the best drills and exercises for your progress.


The progress tracking we do is very fine grained so you can see every ounce of skill you gain. This makes training in martial arts extremely motivating and fun.


Becomming a black belt is not easy. We've got years of experience training beginners up to black belt. On top of all that, your black belt certificate will be signed and backed by real certified martial artists.


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