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Our online martial arts program combines the best of online learning with in person lessons. You are free to train when ever you can without sacrificing instructor feed back. Whether you want to learn taekwondo online or learn self defense we've got you covered. Read Earn a Black Belt online: 5 Steps to learn more.

High Tech

The black belt system works by using cutting edge artificial intelligence that works right in your browser. All you need is a webcam and our system will analyze your technique and give you feed back like an instructor. This makes our online martial arts lessons motivating and fun.

Future of Martial Arts Training

"Martial arts stands in an interesting position. It can be readily enhanced with techonology in a way that both science and the art can be improved."

Zodojo Founder

Why Online Martial Arts

Why Zodojo

How black belt lessons work

Scientific Learning Paths

Skill Progress Tracking

With easy to understand skill tracking you'll always know where you stand in our online martial arts program. This type of skill tracking makes martial arts training more motivating. By allowing you to see exactly how far you've come you'll never feel lost. Whether we are measuring your taekwondo kicks, flexibility or your boxing combos you'll always know what to improve. Start now in our online martial arts training program.

Optimal Progression

Enhancing our skill tracking system is our progression system. Measuring skills punch speed or kick height isn't enough. By analyzing your current skills we will assign drills/lessons to improve any martial art skill. For example, our system can measure your kick height and assign stretches and exercises to increase kick height. That is, our system is designed increase your ability as fast as possible.

Martial Arts Curriculum

Traditional & Weapons Martial Arts

Traditional martial arts are fun to learn and good for fitness. Training in these styles has many benefits. For example, Taekwondo improves balance, speed and core strength. Another large part of traditional martial arts is weapons training. Learning to use weapons increases hand eye coordination and had practical use in self defense. We've trained in many weapons.

Pick a weapon to learn: Nunchaku, Bo staff, Escrima, Katana, Short Staff, Tri staff, Cane, Short Sword.

Knife Fighting

There is more to fighting with a knife than handling a blade. Our curriculum will cover the fundamentals of knife strikes and handling. From the fundamentals we will develop foot work and an advanced combat system that teachs you how to handle multiple opponents. This style is not meant to be fancy or flashy. It is meant to work!

Self Defense

The most obvious benefit of martial arts training is to learn how to defend yourself. Protecting yourself is not always as straight forward as some people might think. We'll cover the basis of self-defense and show you how everything you learn in our lessons can be used to protect yourself. You'll learn a blend of martial arts styles for your own personal defense.

Earn a black belt certificate

Learn Taekwondo

Develop your kicks and technique with premium taekwondo lessons. Our online taekwondo academy is developed using years of training and instruction experience.

Get a black belt diploma

We will hand sign your belt certificates and ship them to you with pride. If anyone challenges your black belt degree we'll back you up with the evidence.

A black belt with meaning

Earning a black belt is about more than achieving some rank. It needs to mean something to you. Every black belt we have trained gets a custom quote that we spend days and weeks thinking about. This quote captures your martial arts journey and will be embroidered on your belt. Thus every black belt is unique to each student. By training with us we'll only certify you for skills you have really gained. Feel confident in you black belt diploma. You'll really earn it with us.

The plan

Martial Arts Vision

Martial Arts Program Active

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Zo:// Downloading Neural Network
Zo:// Learning Taekwondo
Zo:// Optimizing Taekwondo
Zo:// Black Belt Achieved
Zo:// Learning Knife Fighting
Zo:// Optimizing Knife Fighting
Zo:// Mastery Achieved
Zo:// Become a cyber black belt
Zo:// Learning Karate
Zo:// Learning Kung Fu
Zo:// Optimizing Kung Fu
Zo:// Technique Perfected
Zo:// Initializing Cyber Sports
Zo:// Initializing Hybrid Sports
Zo:// Activating Fight Arena
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